Weddings in Gozo

Get Married in Gozo

If you are looking for that intimate get away from it all Wedding then you should consider getting married in Gozo.

Weddings in Malta have hand picked some of the most beautiful Wedding Venues Gozo has to offer.

After the island of Malta itself, Gozo is the second-largest island in the archipelago and is traditionally tranquil in comparison to Malta.

Gozo is more rural and greener than Malta with beautiful countryside and is known for its scenic hills and has many beautiful beaches.

Gozo although known for being peaceful is very famous for its Carnivals.

During the summer months and like Malta, Feasts are also a very important tradition on the island with celebrations of fireworks, brass bands, street parties and bands every weekend in the summer season.

Gozo like Malta although tiny has many beautiful Churches to choose from for your Wedding in Gozo. There are over 40 Churches on this tiny island from quaint chapels to imposing Cathedrals, the largest being the Xewkija church having a capacity of 3000, enough for the entire population of the whole village.

Like Malta, Gozo is rich in history with many archeological sites including temples and caves with the most famous site being the Azure Window, a natural arch formed millions of years ago when a limestone cave collapsed.

Gozo is a romantic, intimate, tranquil destination Wedding abroad for more details of the beautiful Wedding Venues we have in Gozo please get in touch.