Weddings in Malta – Maltese Buses

Maltese Buses

If you or your guests want to arrive to your Malta Wedding in true Malta style, a Vintage Malta Bus is sure to turn heads and Weddings in Malta can arrange this for you.

After been taken off the roads of Malta and Gozo on the 2nd July 2011 after serving Malta and tourists alike for over 100 years, the Maltese buses are now more sought after than ever and Weddings in Malta have the only fleet of Maltese buses on the Island available

The unique nature of the Maltese bus stemmed from the tradition of local ownership of the buses by the drivers, and their historic practice of customising them. In addition to a high degree of customisation, detailing and decoration, several Malta buses also had a unique appearance due to the practice of in-house maintenance, rebuilding or modifying of bus bodies in local workshops.

The Maltese Bus is now an iconic feature of the island, from the beautifully hand painted “welcome aboard” signs to the music … anything from the latest summer hits to the driver‘s favourite festa marches or football anthems. Many people arriving in Malta this year were saddened to hear of their extinction and cannot believe that they could no longer board the much loved Malta buses!

But you can…with Weddings in Malta, no matter how many guests you have for your Wedding in Malta we have a Maltese bus for you…

Vintage Malta Buses

Maltese Bus

For the most important day of your life, arrival on a beautiful famous Maltese bus will be a definite attention grabber for your Wedding in Malta and seats 36 people.

Weddings in Malta Maltese Wedding Bus

Vintage Maltese Bus

The Vintage Maltese Buses are both charming and quirky and will be a statement arrival to your Malta Wedding, available are an 18 Seater and 29 Seater, the 29 seater even has a sliding roof giving it that true open air feel while you travel to or from your Wedding in Malta.

Weddings in Malta Open Top Bus

Open Top Maltese Bus

Still on the open roads of Malta taking hundreds of thousands of tourists around beautiful Malta, the open top Maltese Buses can seat 68, 74, 81 or 84 people. Weddings in Malta can even arrange the original Open Top London Bus for your Wedding in Malta too. They all have microphones on board too which is a great way to get everyone going on the way to or from your Malta Wedding.

In true tradition however, the Bride should arrive on her own…….. Weddings in Malta have the most exclusive Bridal Wedding Car’s available in Malta and not to miss out on the Maltese Bus experience you can of course travel to the reception with your new husband and guests on one of the Maltese Buses or after the celebration of your Wedding in Malta.

It’s your Wedding in Malta – you choose.

Weddings in Malta Maltese Vintage Wedding Bus