Weddings in Malta – Church Weddings

If you are dreaming of a Church Wedding in Malta walking out to a picturesque setting of clear Skies and the crystal blue med Weddings in Malta can do this for you. 

Malta has a church for every day of the year, from beautiful quaint countryside chapels to elegant cathedrals each one unique and steeped in history will leave you spoilt for choice.

Wedding Ceremonies in Malta whether in Church or a Civil Wedding are conducted in English making it even easier to get married in Malta. 

Churches in Malta conduct renewal of Vows, Blessings of Civil marriages and of course Marriage.  Malta’s religion is Roman Catholic but there are Churches for all faiths represented in Malta for you to marry in:

•                Church of England

•                Church of Scotland

•                Greek Catholic Church

•                Methodist Church

•                Pentecostal Church

Whichever beautiful Church in Malta you choose, Weddings in Malta will guide you through all the legal and church formalities and will make all the necessary appointments for you to meet your priest upon your arrival in Malta.

All the paperwork for Church Weddings in Malta is quite straight forward and can all be done from your home country in advance of your Wedding in Malta.

Weddings in Malta have many amazing Churches for your Wedding in Malta available please view our Weddings in Malta Church Gallery for just a few of the beautiful Churches in Malta just get in touch and tell us which is your Dream Church Wedding in Malta and we’ll find the right one for you.